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This article was published on December 4, 2011

    Slowbizz is building a network to connect musicians with house concerts. Slowly.

    Slowbizz is building a network to connect musicians with house concerts. Slowly.

    Like the idea of hosting a concert in your house from a touring musician? Slowbizz is a social network that wants to help make that happen.

    The recently-launched project is currently accepting invitations from musicians and homeowners who want to take part. Concert hosts are expected to offer musicians who play in their homes food and a bed for the night, and drive them up to 75km towards their next gig. They’ll also have to pay $205 towards the musicians expenses.

    That may all sound like something of a commitment, but in return, Slowbizz plans to offer a choice of high quality musicians to play in hosts’ homes.

    Why the name though? Slowbizz is emphasising speed – or rather a lack of it. The network plans to take its time building a high quality network of hosts and musicians before it begins connecting the two groups. “Whereas most music online marketeers advocate ways to entice wildfire ‘click & forget’ like/follow behaviour, we strongly recommend to grow a genuine fanbase in the not-so-outdated real world, one gig at a time, one fan at a time,” its organisers explain.

    “There’s no better way to do it than via an organically built network of engaged music lovers. It’s only the beginning of a great adventure. There’s no rush, we’ll take our time.”

    In the real-time, instant-gratification world of the Internet, perhaps there’s something in the idea of a social network that isn’t in a hurry.