This article was published on September 2, 2010 The Way Feed Readers Should Be The Way Feed Readers Should Be
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Sliding into a Home baseSlidereader is an app that gives you visibility of your feeds in an elegant overview you can scroll in both directions through, designed with the avid RSS reader in mind. Let me tell you how and why.

Developed by Dubai based Flipmedia, the shop that brought the fine people of the UAE movie locator app Naviflix have broadened their target audience a bit to include the rest of the world. Surprisingly this is their first iPad app, and it certainly looks like it won’t be their last.

Beginning with the entry of your favorite feeds, the application allows you to choose your preferred feeds to import from Google Reader, or delve into the app’s catalog to add from the best of online content in a well organized group of categories.

Screenshot of Functional App in use after adding some feeds

When we first started to test the app it had been recently listed on the US App Store homepage in the “New and Noteworthy” section and “Staff Favorites” in the UK, and for good reason too.

Once you start using the app you’ll realize it’s no Flipboard, but a very efficient RSS reader in a sense it doesn’t believe you need to have anything but your favorite news. Noisy tweets and Facebook updates won’t clutter your news feeds unless you specifically want them to.

The app has some interesting additional features like Bookmarking, sharing of course with popular platform support like Facebook and Twitter. It gets it’s name from the sliding functionality it provides both horizontally through RSS entries or vertically through a category or set of stories, or the content itself.

Screenshot for sharing using Slidereader

The feature I liked the most is the Add a Profile option for iPads that used by more than one person at home, allowing you to have your own custom theme, feeds and layout.

Profile chooser in Slidereader makes it a very flexible and preferred tool for households

Although not cheap, the features included make for a great feed reader worth dishing out $5 for, you can immediately download it from iTunes, or as I recommend first check out their website here or promotional video below:

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