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Slack’s new tools help you cut down on video calls

Scrap those useless Zoom meetings

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Slack announced a bunch of tools today to improve the experience of work meetings. And, of course, a Clubhouse clone is a part of this.

The enterprise communication firm’s live-audio conversation product is called Huddle. You can start a Huddle in a channel or a DM — even if they’re not a part of your organization.

Just like other real-time conversation products, you can hop in and hop out of it any time. The idea is to avoid scheduling a video meeting for something that could be discussed in a couple of minutes. Plus, you can also share your screen to look at a presentation together.

Mat Mullen, a senior project manager at Slack, told TNW over a call that Huddle is different from Clubhouse-like audio products as it’s meant to facilitate non-moderated conversations. However, he added that it’s thinking about introducing curated conversations in the future. Take a look at how Huddles works in the GIF below.


In addition to the real-time audio feature, Slack is also introducing asynchronous voice and video messages. The app will now allow you to record a three-minute long video or voice message to post it on the platform. That way, you can quickly show a screen demo or make a team-wide announcement.

Sadly, if your message runs longer than three minutes, you’ll have to start over. However, if you have a pre-recorded video, Slack will automatically slice it up for you.

Slack video recording messages

One of the nifty things about these messages is that they’re automatically transcribed and you can search for them in your app — just like searching a text message.

Slack said the transcription service is powered by Amazon Chime, a cloud-based meeting service. I’ll have to give it a test run to see how it handles different accents.
Huddle is rolling out to all paid Slack customers today, but is limited to 50 participants. Video, audio, and screen recordings are coming to paid teams later this year. Last month, Slack introduced scheduled messages. Now, that feature is rolling out to more teams.

You can read more about Slack‘s new tools here.

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Published June 30, 2021 - 2:30 pm UTC

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