This article was published on September 29, 2016

Skype update uses Siri to complete calls without opening the app

Skype update uses Siri to complete calls without opening the app
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One of the big features of the latest iOS update was the API that allowed third-party developers to tap into Siri’s immense power. Microsoft was quick to take note.

Today, the company released a new version of Skype for the iPhone and iPad that lets you call any of your contacts without that pesky need to, you know, open the app. Just like calling from your phone’s contacts, a simple command like ‘call Joe Smith’ will lead Siri to the Skype contact — assuming it’s saved in your iOS device. It may require a confirmation of which number you’d like to call, just like the standard iPhone calling experience, but once you confirm, the call is dialed just like what you’re used to.

And all this without actually using the Skype app on your phone.

Incoming Skype calls also act a lot like a native feature, with an interface nearly identical to that of Apple’s. The entire experience is truly seamless and makes great use of iOS 10’s ‘SiriKit.’

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The new update is limited to the consumer version of Skype, for now. Microsoft says it’ll be available in the company’s ‘Skype for Business’ iOS apps in October.

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