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This article was published on September 13, 2017

Simple Hacks to Enhance Your Website UX – Do’s & Don’ts Inside

Simple Hacks to Enhance Your Website UX – Do’s & Don’ts Inside
Sophia Addison
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Sophia Addison

Sophia is an enthusiastic blogger and health and fitness expert. She is very passionate about writing on health, fashion, technology, educat Sophia is an enthusiastic blogger and health and fitness expert. She is very passionate about writing on health, fashion, technology, education, travel etc. She is associated with “Gyanne”.

What makes your customer land on your website for long?

Well, if you think it’s your top-notch services, you are absolutely wrong. The first thing that a user looks into your website is its UX.

While designing a website, it’s important to consider all the points that allure the visitor and binds them with the website. The whole web design process encompasses multiple segments that include UI/UX designing. The reason behind giving a unique UI/UX is to deliver the best user-experience to the audience along with the stuff they are actually looking for.

Now, what are the pointers that you should consider while designing a distinct website for your customers? Below are some of the important but simple hacks that you can easily follow and improve the website user-experience from all aspect.

Design Solely for Users:

This is a big myth that creating your website with maximum functionality, will add-on more customer to your website. Instead, it compels the user to bounce from your website and leave a negative feedback. Instead of installing ample functionalities, focus on the core facilities and ensure they are present in your website with minimal effort.

Don’t Flood the Design:

The current scenario demands a clean and spacious website design. Flooding your web page will always irritate the user, resulting in a quick exit from your website. There are countless designing templates that you can check as a reference and create your own design with ample space. It’s important to tell your point without covering the whole page.

Maintain the Quality:

In the world of competition, it’s highly recommended to keep yourself at the top. For that, it’s your visuals that can make you stand out. Whenever you are creating a website, ensure to maintain top visual quality. There are many tricks that you can use high-quality images with least memory consumption. This will help in quick loading your website without compromising with the quality.

Select Color Scheme Wisely:

This is considered to be a major factor of user-irritation. There are many website designs that really irritates the user. The current era is of flat design and hence you need to select from flat color schemes. You can easily visit the internet to find the versatile color schemes that suit your website.

CTA is the Need of Hour:

To present your deals and unique services, you should make use of CTA (Click To Action). The CTA has proved to be a big game changer in converting your customers into sales. For this, you need to create custom Landing Pages to drive the users on a special page build for them. The Landing page with CTA buttons is more efficient in the conversation of a visitor in a client.

Move with the Mobile World:

It’s important to go with the mobile world and hence your web design must not be unfit for different mobile devices. The responsive website designing is currently in high demand and nearly 80 percent of the online readership use a smartphone. Hence, to entertain your users/customers, it’s important to develop a mobile-friendly website.

All in all, it’s about offering the design that your users actually expect from your business. And that can only be delivered after you undergo in-depth research of your competitors and create your own appealing layout. It’s important to beat the odds in order to stand ahead of the crowd.

So, it’s important for all the professional web-designers to look at the above-mentioned points and do follow them in their web-designing process. It will really help them serve the clients well and boost your business. A satisfied user will always help you promote your business.

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