This article was published on December 2, 2020

Silent Inbox prioritizes your Gmail automatically so you never miss anything important.

Silent Inbox prioritizes your Gmail automatically so you never miss anything important.
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TLDR: Silent Inbox keeps your inbox clean and you on task, holding newsletters and other non-essential emails until you’re ready to see them. 

Email is like an avalanche. What starts with just a few disruptions at the beginning can quickly turn into a rumbling landslide that can ultimately leave you buried underneath. Each time you buy from an online store or join a new digital group usually comes with new email ads, newsletters, or other pieces of digital filler flooding into your email box. 

And once you’re getting literally dozens of those each day, it’s easy for something truly important like a security alert or a client email or something personal to get lost in all that email white noise.

Silent Inbox makes sure that avalanche never happens, managing the rampaging torrent of emails slamming into your email box down to a gentle trickle. Right now, a lifetime of access to Silent Inbox Premium service is 70 percent off its regular price, down to just $29.99 from TNW Deals.

Silent Inbox is a Gmail add-on that effectively serves as a bouncer for your inbox. But rather than just automatically kicking emails to a spam folder where you’ll likely never see them, Silent Inbox functions like a scheduler. Instead of a potentially distracting newsletter dropping into your mail during your work day, Silent Inbox spots that sender’s email, holds it along with other non-essential emails, then delivers them all to you in bulk at a predetermined time.

Some users set up a 5 p.m. release so they can see everything when the workday is done. Others prefer a morning delivery to go with their cup of coffee. Still others set up twice daily releases. You can set your own schedule to assure you don’t miss anything, but without disrupting the hours you need to focus on work or other tasks.

And if there’s anyone in particular who seems to have a problem sticking to your boundaries, Silent Inbox lets you manually mute those individuals until you’re ready to see their emails.

A lifetime of Silent Inbox Premium service is regularly a $100 value, but with the current deal, you can save 70 percent and have a clean inbox for life for just $29.99.

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