This article was published on February 24, 2016

Shield your digital info with a Blur Premium Mobile subscription

Shield your digital info with a Blur Premium Mobile subscription
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Targeted ads, auto-fill options… our personal details are ripe for the picking in the digital age – and privacy can be a challenge to control.

The Blur Premium service is designed to concretely protect against fraud, spam, and identity theft by providing masked details. With your two-year subscription from TNW Deals, you’ll enjoy security online for just $29.

Instead of entering your real details, Blur enables disposable email addresses, phone numbers and credit card numbers. Using these masked details, you can still receive messages and calls, and pay for things with a virtual credit card.

In the unfortunate chance that your information falls into the wrong hands, you can easily delete the sensitive data. Skip the spam, and enjoy credit card accounts set to self-destruct after a certain time to prevent fraud.

To make using the masked details easier, Blur offers to auto-fill forms and automatically log in to recognized sites. There are iOS and Android apps available as well for your convenience.

For a limited time, TNW Deals is offering a 2-year subscription to Blur’s service with 50 percent off for U.S. customers. If you value your privacy, this is a great way to protect yourself against anything from invasive companies to malicious data thieves.

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