This article was published on March 27, 2009

The secret life of lost & found objects

The secret life of lost & found objects
David Petherick
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David Petherick

Scotsman David Petherick is a director & co-founder of several companies, and provides social media strategy & visibility services. Scotsman David Petherick is a director & co-founder of several companies, and provides social media strategy & visibility services. David became known as ‘The Digital Biographer’ after a 2007 BBC radio interview, speaks Russian, wears the Kilt, and is a co-author for the books 'Age of Conversation 2.0, & 3.0'.

On the day Barack Obama was inaugurated in January, 200 mobile phones were lost on the Washington DC Metro alone. A free lost-and-found service for your objects, called simply plans to reunite you with your precious objects by allowing you to register them, label them, and have the finder easily contact you to return the object. Great, and a must for any portable device. But there’s more…

What is more intriguing about is that it also invites you to send your objects on journeys, track their progress on a map, and have each person who encounters the object tell their story. This section of their site is simply called ‘Stories’.

The site has simple, well written descriptions and instructions:—

Stories gives you a rich multimedia, multi-author blog for any item that you register with This gives you a way to track and share the life or journey of your item. You can tell the story of any item, you can even register yourself!

Stories helps you to promote a cause, promote yourself, connect with others who share your interests, or just create a cool story. We hope you’ll be able to collaborate with new, interesting, and like-minded people who you would have otherwise never met.

SendMeHome Story: LA Monologue Collection

Some examples include:—

  • A disposable camera tied to random benches with instructions to capture the events of a single day.
  • A frying pan used to collect the recipes and stories of bacon lovers everywhere
  • An Oscar statuette making its way around LA with actors promoting themselves with 3-minute monologues
  • A soft drink can that documents the life of every startup it passes through on its way to Bill Gates

Joining the service, aside from letting you register your objects, also allows you to follow stories, and get updates when there’s a new chapter in a story you are following.

Sendmehome has just announced a Facebook Application, Friend Connect integration, and has a $1000 prize for the best SendMeHome Story. is fun, viral, creative, useful, and sets a smile on the face of everyone who comes across it. The design’s a little clunky, but the essential ingredients are there for growth, because of the simple utility value, and the huge fun element.

World Peace through Wandering Items.

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