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This article was published on July 24, 2008

Search for mentor II

Search for mentor II
Simone Brummelhuis
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Simone Brummelhuis

Simone worked as a successful lawyer before becoming an entrepreneur by setting up her own B2B publishing company Brummsbooks. Thereafter, a Simone worked as a successful lawyer before becoming an entrepreneur by setting up her own B2B publishing company Brummsbooks. Thereafter, as co-owner and managing director of IENS (, she developed this start-up into the no. 1 user generated content database publisher of restaurant guides in The Netherlands. With the, she intends to do the same. She works with Linde Wolters on a book about Female Internet Heroes and launches

After the successful search for a mentor for Chloe Holding of Habinki here on thenextweb, I have been approached by several young entrepreneurs in London, looking for a mentor themselves. One of them is Dom Fendius, founder of Read the eight questions and answers below to let me know!

1. How did you come up with the idea of your start-up?

The idea for came up when I left my job in the city last year. I’ve always wanted to start my own business and fashion is something I’ve been interested in for a long time. When I look for new clothes I like to use other people’s style as an inspiration, and will often look at what people are wearing on the streets or in photos online. I thought it would be brilliant to combine this with the power of the internet and allow people to be inspired by photos of stylish people and instantly buy the clothes they like.


2. How far are you with the start-up?

We’ve just launched the website and we’re now embarking on spreading the word about the site. It’s a very exciting time and so far the feedback has been

3. What is your goal with the company?

Ultimately we aim to make the number one fashion destination on the web, where people go to find a new style on the street, buy clothes and discuss fashion. We’re also working on other aspects of the site which will make it a more complete fashion service. What’s also very important to us is to have fun whilst we do this, and hopefully this is reflected in the site.

4. What were your biggest development challenges and what can start-ups learn from them?

A big challenge for me has been trying to master all the different aspects of the start-up process. In other words the operational side, design, technical, marketing, PR, legal, financial etc. Clearly nobody is an expert in every area, and I think it’s important to know when you need external help from people who know more than you do. That said, I was so passionate about the idea that I always believed I would overcome the challenges.

5. Who are your advisers?

Depending on what advice I’m after, I’ll speak to a number of people. For practical business advice, I speak to my mother who runs her own machine tool business.

6. Why do you need a mentor, for which activities and for which period of time?

I need a mentor to give me advice about growing a company in the internet/retail space. Ideally someone who could give me practical advice from a position of experience. This could just be for the short-term, but I would hope to develop a long-term relationship with somebody.

7. What type of mentor you think would you benefit from?

From somebody who has set up successful online businesses and who is enthusiastic to help those starting out. Someone who is inspirational and experienced and doesn’t mind answering the phone every now and then to give advice.

8. What does the mentor gain from mentoring you?

I‘m an enthusiastic listener and keen to learn from someone with experience. I’d like to think that if I find the right mentor it could be the start of a meaningful professional relationship with the potential for future collaboration. Plus I’d hope that many successful entrepreneurs would enjoy sharing their experience with someone who is hungry for their knowledge and
keen to act upon it.

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