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This article was published on January 2, 2010

A search engine for Blueprints

A search engine for Blueprints
Charles Knight
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Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

sciencefictionI’m no engineer, but I know a good search engine when I see one. The Blueprints search engine is a classic vertical search engine because a typical horizontal web search would require you to hunt through various sites looking for the exact blueprint that you’re after, whereas using the proper vertical search engine (VSE) brings them all together in one searchable place for you – more than 35,000 of them! The creator Onno von Braam has some very snarky guidelines after the break if you want to see them. Thanks, Steffen!

1. I do NOT own these pictures.
2. YOU (probably) do NOT own these pictures.
3. I cannot give you permission to use these pictures, because I don’t own them.

I do not claim to have made, scanned or drawn all of the blueprints on this website. I did on the other hand collect, edit and host all of them, free of charge, in my spare time.

I do not claim to have blueprints for all cars, planes or what you can think of. I do not claim to have all views for all blueprints. I do not claim to have high quality blueprints for all objects. So don’t come whining about it when the blueprint you are looking for isn’t on the website, or of low quality. Come whining when you have collected and edited more than 35000 blueprints and put them together, for free, in your spare time, on an easy-to-access website, which in total probably took me a couple thousand hours…

I do my best adding as much new blueprints as possible, but now and then I make a mistake and a blueprint is mistitled or placed in the wrong spot: drop me a mail, or leave a message in the forum and it will be fixed within a day or so.

There are no blueprints for sale on this website; I do not have them on paper or as scale drawings. This collection is a digital one (no questions about scale please, since it’s completely irrelevant with digital files), it’s free and it is what it is, nothing more, nothing less.

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