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This article was published on October 24, 2018

    Score NordVPN, one of the most highly rated VPNs, for a limited time discount

    Score NordVPN, one of the most highly rated VPNs, for a limited time discount
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    If there’s one consideration that carries the most currency when it comes to your online security, it’s reliability. Just think about it…if you can’t trust your digital protection measures to effectively shield you and your sensitive systems and information 100 times out of 100, then what have you got?

    Virtual private networks (VPNs) have become the backbone of many IT security strategies. And with virtually dozens of different providers to choose from, it’s worth consulting sources you trust to make sure you pick the right one. Of course, nothing says reliable like rave reviews from experts, which is how NordVPN ($60 for a 1-YR Subscription and $76.60 for a 2-YR Subscription with coupon code: VPNSAVE15) rises to the top with those who know security.

    NordVPN’s SSL-based 2048-bit double encrypted private tunnels online ensure you’re covered no matter where you are, even on potentially sketchy public Wi-Fi networks. It’s also packed with options on one of the largest global service networks, featuring more than 3,500 servers in over 60 countries worldwide.

    NordVPN is also home to the much-loved Kill Switch feature, which automatically drops any downloads and secures your systems in the event a service drop leaves you momentarily vulnerable.

    Take advantage of this limited time discount and get a copy of NordVPN for $5/month for a 1-YR Subscription or about $3/month for a 2-YR Subscription