This article was published on December 18, 2015

Save yourself from gift wrap and give something thoughtful to your loved ones

Save yourself from gift wrap and give something thoughtful to your loved ones
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What makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?

It’s on everybody’s mind, but nobody likes to say it out loud. It is an integral part of Christmas, but to voice it as your favorite part is nearly blasphemy. It’s what nobody likes admitting to caring about, but everybody secretly loves. It is something you expect, but always receive as a surprise. It is the ultimate guilty pleasure of Christmas.

Cutting to the chase: Let’s be honest, we all love presents– especially when they are thoughtfully prepared. Other aspects of Christmas are great too; people act friendlier, the decorations make everything prettier. A dinner with the family sounds great, but nothing beats the gifts!

When offered with love and care, gifts become more than possessions– they become warm gestures of one’s appreciation. And if you’re not from the most thoughtful of people, you can always go the other way:


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to start planning how you will show your appreciation for your loved ones.

To celebrate what makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, TNW Academy has prepared a few thoughtful gifts that might just be what you’re looking for.

Oh, and you won’t even need any paper to wrap them in. Our awesome looking Christmas gift cards don’t need any wrapping!

Curious? Here are a few of our thoughtful suggestions that will help you surprize your loved ones with a warm gesture:

content marketing_ chr

An experienced online teacher and the Director of Communication at OneMonth, in her course Content Marketing: The Art of Promotion Sarah Kathleen Peck will go through the principles of content marketing and offers the most recent trends in the field.

Sarah puts together a comprehensive account of content marketing that explains how and why to successfully integrate content marketing strategies to any business. Gathering all the useful tips and advice she has collected throughout her years of experience, Sarah lays out the secret how to run successful content marketing campaigns. As Sarah says, content marketing is part science, part art– she teaches both.

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UX for work chr

The course UX for Work: Jumpstart Your Career in User Experience ventures into the guiding principles of UX and carefully engages in a number of practical examples as well as hands-on class projects. Focusing on both theory and practice, this course can be a perfect place to kick off an impressive career in the field of User Experience. 

Striving to avoid unnecessarily complicated concepts and methods, our instructor Brendan Bolton – Klinger created this course to deliver a robust practical foundation in UX, that offers the opportunity not only to efficiently master UX, but also to establish a competitive edge on the job market.

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Looking for other tips for thoughtful Christmas gifts? Visit TNW Academy and surprise one your loved ones with the one of our awesome Christmas gift cards!

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