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This article was published on September 21, 2021

Rytr uses artificial intelligence to write fantastic text for any of your writing projects

Rytr uses artificial intelligence to write fantastic text for any of your writing projects
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TLDR: The Rytr AI Writing Tool can help any writer get a whole lot faster, generating solid AI-crafted text for virtually any usage need in seconds.

Sometimes, even the best writers can use a bit of a boost. There are only so many ways a person can put a collection of words together on a page before they all start deteriorating into mush and completely losing their power.

Nobody wants to think one of those brick wall moments will strike in the middle of an important email or smack in the center of a major project. But like we said, anyone who writes as part of their living appreciates a nudge in the right direction once in a while.

With the help of the Rytr AI Writing Tool ($75, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), users can always get some quality prose worked out for virtually any usage situation. 

From emails to ad copy, from catchy one-liners to longer works, Rytr uses its artificial intelligence brain to craft words and sentences that don’t sound like a robot wrote it. 

Users only have to pick their use case, whether it’s social media or a blog, creative writing, SEO, copywriting, and beyond, then select your tone and offer a few notes about the copy you want for proper context. Within seconds, Rytr returns the finely scripted text needed to fit your needs. You can go in and adjust it for any further customization if you like, but most work is copy-and-paste ready to go right into your project.

But if for some reason you find a sentence clunky or boring, just hit the reword or shorten buttons and you’ll get an instant alternate version that should be a better fit. And since variety is the buzzword for Rytr, users can sift through more than 30 different tones and styles, as well as 20 distinct modes to help make everything Rytr produces fit your vision like a glove.

While it works like a charm for short passages, writers can even drop raw, unpolished ideas into Rytr’s powerful rich-text editor and the app will help turn it into a solid 1,000 word piece with only about 15 minutes of work. In fact, your Rytr subscription can help generate up to 75,000 characters per month to get all of your work flowing much faster.

Meanwhile, Rytr is also outfitted with a bevy of writer-friendly tools, including everything from an SEO analyzer to help dig up optimal keywords to a plagiarism checker that puts your text up against copy from across the web to make sure no unintended similarities slide into your work by mistake.

A lifetime subscription to the Rytr Writing Tool would usually cost almost $1,200, but with the current deal, it’s available now for a whole lot less, just $75.

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