This article was published on October 24, 2021

Rytr is the AI-driven tool that’ll do all your writing for you, no matter where you need it

Rytr is the AI-driven tool that’ll do all your writing for you, no matter where you need it
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TLDR: The Rytr AI Writing Tool can knock out sterling written copy in virtually any style and format for use in almost any type of writing project imaginable.

If a writer knows their stuff, there’s plenty of opportunity to turn that gift for words into a productive career as a freelance writer. And according to a freelance database, there are some decent paychecks attached to that pursuit as well.

Ad copywriters can charge around $92 an hour, while general speechwriters bill about $81.  Whitepaper writers charge an average of $107 per hour, as magazine ghostwriters could make about $100 per hour. 

That’s lucrative for a writer, but not quite so lucrative for the small business owner or entrepreneur that pays for that freelancer’s services. Instead, innovations like the Rytr AI Writing Tool ($75 for a lifetime subscription from TNW Deals) brings the skill of a talented freelance writer to the digital realm, generating copy that can give flesh-and-blood writers a run for their money.

Rytr has an artificially-driven algorithm at its heart, using industry best practices and templates to write high-quality content primed to perform in any of more than two dozen different writing approaches. 

With a Rytr lifetime subscription, users select from over 30 different use cases to generate the exact type of text they want, including anything from a blog to ad copy, from an email to a social media post to even something ultra-creative like a song lyric or a story plot. With your use case chosen, users then enter a few short words and phrases to add context to the piece. Then just hit the “Ryte” button and scientific copywriting formulas help to craft top quality prose that needs minimal, if any editing.

The powerful, rich-text editor makes the process incredibly easy, allowing skilled users to go from raw ideas to a polished 1,000 word piece in less than 15 minutes. Of course, Rytr also allows users to reword, shorten sentences and edit to make each bit of text absolutely perfect.

Rytr can be used in over 25 different languages and create content with more than 20 different tones from very formal pieces to loose and cordial emails to a friend. It’s even got its own built-in native plagiarism checker so if anything your write gets too close to something already out in the world, Rytr will let you know. 

With a Rytr lifetime subscription, users can generate up to 75,000 characters per month, all without ever having to pay a freelance writer. Regularly priced at $1,250, full access to Rytr is now available for just $75. Plus, shoppers will also receive a $20 store credit to the TNW Deals Store for use with your next purchase.

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