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Run a Business LIKE A BOSS from Your Garage

Run a Business LIKE A BOSS from Your Garage
Robert Hellson
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Robert Hellson


I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of co I love reading and travelling. They encourage me to derive new insights from beyond my pair of tinted glasses. I relish the simple joy of cooking a meal and sharing it with others. I enjoy researching on new market products, and maintaining my blogs.

In 1975, a college dropout and his friend had an idea that they acted on while in the cramped confines of their Albuquerque garage.

A recipe for disaster, right?

With the right motivation and direction impossibilities can become possible, or so Bill Gates would likely suggest.  After all, it was his garage startup which people now known as Microsoft.

These amazing startups are a huge inspiration for business owners, and hopeful-business-owners beyond Silicon Valley.

It gets better.

Thanks to the cloud, your ability to emulate their success within your own garage is indeed quite possible and potentially much easier.


What’s A Cloud Got to Do with It?

Integrating with the cloud is far easier than defining exactly what it is.

In short, it’s a metaphor that correlates with the internet.

Instead of having hard and floppy drives, or even thumb drives, everything is stored on the web.

Instead of collecting CD’s of your favorite software programs, you simply login to the application.

Instead of experiencing the headaches of disorganized chaos, you achieve the convenience of having everything located in one area with that location being online.

As a result, you don’t need to be concerned with renting unnecessary office space, securing expensive equipment or even hiring additional employees to ensure all is maintained and managed properly.

That’s certainly a step in the right direction, but it gets better.


Downsizing Expensive Equipment Requirements

Since everything you need to run your business successfully is available on the web, there is no need for massive mainframe computers like in the days of yesteryear.

One of the best examples of this is the ability to use Google Documents, or a similar service, to work in the cloud while creating or editing content. You can work from the office, your home, or even a tropical resort, all without needing to risk losing your work, or having to send it from your office computer to your personal laptop. You can also access your work from your phone or tablet.

Talk about convenience.  Talk about digital success empowerment for business owners and their employees. It all comes down to cloud capabilities and ever-improving digital and communications technology.

Empowerment of Marketing Messages

Having all the equipment necessary is nice, but if no one knows your brand, it will mean very little.  Fortunately, the cloud has answers for this as well.

Two of the more popular answers are WIX and WordPress.  Each allows you the ability to create your website and/or blog so that you can strategically share the details of your offerings using a variety of methods including SEO, PPC and Social Media.

In fact, if it were not for the cloud, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and the rest might not enjoy the popularity that they do.

That said, not only does the cloud allow you the ability to communicate your message, it also propels the marketing of it forward simultaneously.


Monetizing Your Online Empire

With technology and message moving forward it would be a shame if there was no way of collecting for services rendered.  Fortunately, there is.

If you’re building an ecommerce entity, you could use something like eBay or Amazon to host your products on the cloud.

Or, if your offering is more service oriented, PayPal is ready to help.  PayPal can also aid in physical or digital product purchases as desired.

No matter which option is chosen, you are empowered with the ability to charge for products and services accordingly, thanks to the power of what has become known as the cloud.


Connecting the Dots

A product is only as good as the support it provides.

That’s why Zadarma is the icing on the proverbial cake within the cloud.  With technology, marketing and monetization all inline you need a way to be able to connect with your prospects.  That means using technology like PBX and Virtual Numbers.

Businesses are started in homes (and garages) every day. At-home entrepreneurs are doing amazing things, thanks to modern technology that lets them stay connected no matter where they work.

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