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This article was published on March 2, 2016

    Run a startup? We’re putting 150 young companies in front of the world’s tech community

    Run a startup? We’re putting 150 young companies in front of the world’s tech community
    Matthew Elworthy
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    Matthew Elworthy

    Marketing Manager, TNW Events

    The number of requests for coverage we receive at The Next Web is, unsurprisingly, enormous. As a result, many, if not most, go completely overlooked due to overflowing inboxes and crowded Twitter feeds. Anyone who runs a company can attest to how often their attempts to gain coverage at media outlets unfortunately go unnoticed.

    There is, however, a far more effective way to get your young startup in front of the world’s tech community.

    Our Boost program at TNW Conference Europe presents your company to 20,000 international tech influencers, investors and journalists – and could even secure you some incredible stage time during the closing ceremony of our event.

    This year we have spaces for just 150 early-stage companies, but if you manage to get through our interview process and secure yourself a spot, you’ll reap the benefits of some awesome perks: including curated one-on-one investor meetings, pitch time at high-profile corporate HQs, an extremely high-quality demo booth on a carefully curated business floor, and the chance for coverage from The Next Web editorial team.

    Simply submit some brief information about your startup here and we’ll be in touch within a week. In other words, taking two minutes to complete a form for free could totally change the trajectory of your company. What have you got to lose?

    Learn more about Boost at TNW Conference 2016 in Amsterdam


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