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This article was published on February 12, 2017

Review: Aerix’s Vidius HD packs a lot of fun into a tiny drone

Review: Aerix’s Vidius HD packs a lot of fun into a tiny drone
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

Former Managing Editor, TNW

Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Call it a weakness, but I can’t say no to a good drone pitch.

These days I find myself playing with the most expensive drones on the market with some regularity, but a sub-$100 mini-drone from Aerix is easily the most fun I’ve had with a quadcopter that didn’t require me to leave the house.

What is it?

The Aerix Vidius HD is small; I mean really small. The palm-sized quadcopter offers ample opportunity to maneuver around even the smallest rooms due to its diminutive size. It’s durable too. Bumpers covering the propellers make the occasional wall hit — which is inevitable — something you can easily shrug off. Simply right the drone if it’s upside down, and launch it back into the sky for more aerial fun.

And fun is a key word here, this thing offers a ton of it. The small size, emergency blade stop, and soft-ish propellers (fully covered) offer ample opportunity to run into things. In my time with it, I’ve hit everything from televisions to people, and we’ve zero injuries (to living or inanimate things) to report.

The Vidius HD really is the perfect indoor drone.

Fork over an extra $20 and Aerix will throw in a VR viewer similar to Gear VR-type headsets. Pop your phone in there, and you can utilize the onboard 720p camera to do some first-person piloting — something that’s pretty much unheard of in drones this size.

Specs and key features

  • 4.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.5cm size
  • 720p HD camera built-in
  • 5-7 minute flight time on a 20 minute charge
  • Pre-programmed flight speeds for pilots of any experience level
  • 6-axis gyro stabilization
  • Altitude assistance module that keeps a near-constant altitude
  • “Trick mode” for performing aerial rolls and flips

Should you buy it?

At under $100, the Aerix Vidius HD is a no-brainer.  Aside from the relatively short flight time — which is really unavoidable in a drone this size — I don’t have a single gripe. The Vidius HD is small, safe for indoor flying, and a lot of fun. When paired with the first-person view, it’s an experience that’s typically reserved for drones double or triple the price — and size.

I have no problem recommending this one to drone enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Grab yours for $95 ($115 with the headset) at the Aerix website, or on Amazon.

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