This article was published on November 13, 2015

Report: Facebook looks to be testing individual profile search

Report: Facebook looks to be testing individual profile search
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Facebook looks to be testing the ability to search individual pages.

Alexander Kaufman, The Huffington Post’s business editor, was one of the first to spot the “Search this profile” feature in the wild. In a Twitter post, he showed the evidence of the newly unveiled individual profile search.

Mashable reporter Miriam Kramer then reported that she too had the feature live, and documented some of the things it was capable of in a Mashable piece written by Raymond Wong.

The new profile search allows you to recall any post that matches a specific keyword. For example, if you want to see all of your posts with a link or any mention of Mashable, you can. Ditto for dogs, profanity-filled rants and cookie recipes.

Credit: Miriam Kramer/Mashable

The Next Web reached out to Facebook for comment on whether it’s a feature release for all profiles, or something it’s testing. We’ll update you if the company responds.

Update: According to a Facebook spokesperson, “We’re piloting a way to search for people’s posts from within their profiles. You can only search for posts that you can already see on their Timelines.” Meaning, private posts or posts that are shared within a certain segment won’t be viewable unless you’re in that segment.

Facebook may soon let you search individual profile pages [Mashable]

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