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This article was published on May 7, 2018

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat

Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat


In most meetings, I try to listen more than I talk, but when I talk I probably use more words than necessary. In retrospect, I very often wish I could reconsider what I wanted to say and reword how I said it to get to the main point more efficiently.

I’m aware this is unrealistic as language is inefficient, but it’s definitely better than the alternative. When we speak we tend to repeat the same thing in a variety of different ways and hope the message behind the words sticks. Still, people might misinterpret what you mean.

I remember hearing about this phenomenon when I was standing backstage with a speaker at one of our early conferences. She had more than a hundred slides, and a range of incredibly interesting statistics, quotes, and infographics.

I told her the audience would probably have to take notes to remember all that information. She shrugged and said ‘Look, I’m realistic. My goal is to make them leave the room remembering one thing: my main subject. All the information I have in here is just to lead up to, or frame, that one subject.’

She was right of course. We don’t remember one hundred little things. We just need to be told one hundred little things to understand and remember the one big thing.

What we’ve been talking about this week:

? One of our editors spent a day with the refugee caravan in Tijuana Trump is throwing a fit over and didn’t spot any ‘bad hombres.’ Shocker.

? The tech industry needs to get over its obsession with Silicon Valley.

A new study says gamers are cool now. No comment.

 During these dark days for Kanye fans, Yeezy Dating is the dating site we need.

? There is no consensus in the crypto community when it comes to journalistic standards. (Except ours. Our standards are very high, obviously.)

My random tip of the week:

A while ago I found out that you can add emoji to Addressbook entries on my Mac. That means I can add a ️ or a ? or even a ? to people’s names and when I type that into the address field in Mail it will auto-complete to their email address. And they will see it too. And so will everyone else who is receiving the email. Convenient? Hell no. Funny? At times. A recipe for disaster? Oh yeah. Enjoy!

What made me laugh:

Bye for now!

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