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This article was published on May 23, 2017

Reddit’s new beta profiles are open to everyone now

Reddit’s new beta profiles are open to everyone now

Reddit has expanded the beta test on its Profile feature, meaning just about anyone can build their own mirror-Twitter page.

When I logged into one of my accounts this morning, I noticed a button on my page which said, “Need to post something that doesn’t quite fit in a specific community? Sign up to test out our new profile experience.” I immediately hit the button and built my own profile.

If mine is anything to go by, profiles function very much like subreddits. You make a post — and you’re the only one who can — with a link or text. Others can comment on it, upvote it — the usual. Profiles also have privacy settings that let you decide whether you want your profile posts to go on r/all or r/popular. Here’s what the description section looks like for The Next Web’s new profile:

Previously, the Profile feature was limited to very few — Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, for example. I don’t do much with that particular account, so if I have access to the Profile beta, then anyone does. Checking the user list, it seems people have been trickling into the beta test for the last week or so.