This article was published on March 23, 2011

Red Bull’s new augmented reality racing app also boosts sales

Red Bull’s new augmented reality racing app also boosts sales

This campaign is well worth sharing because it brings together a great mix of technology and gaming with the ultimate aim of increasing sales for Red Bull. As you’ll see from the two videos below you have to scan a minimum of 12 cans into the app, which then builds your own track based on the exact shape that you have designed.

The technology here is very impressive but what I find more impressive from a marketing perspective is that even though the app is free, you need buy physical cans of Red Bull which means that it actually helps increase sales. The demo of the app shows how it uses augmented reality to create your own racing track that is created within seconds for you to race including all your own curves etc…

This app is going to appeal to serious gamers as well because it means that you can create your own tracks and upload them online for others to have a go at. You can also become one of the top racers across the planet by competing against others on their site here.

Red Bull is the master at online branding and this is yet another examples of the company flexing its marketing ability. I love the branded experience that this creates but too many companies build apps just for the sake of it whereas this could actually help sales in a pretty major way which is the ultimate aim of all marketing.