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This article was published on March 10, 2010

Real-time search engine Collecta goes mobile!

Real-time search engine Collecta goes mobile!
Charles Knight
Story by

Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

I would like to dedicate this, our 100th Search post, to Collecta, the streaming real-time search engine. Collecta has just released a mobile application that allows you to follow real-time content from your mobile device. The mobile-specific view can be found at

With Collecta Mobile, users can begin their streaming search for any topic of interest, Collecta then pushes a live stream of pictures, news articles, status updates and more right to your mobile device. As a result, people now have the ability to watch events unfold in real time no matter where they are, and that’s a development that even I can appreciate.

I assume that the other r/t search engines, OneRiot, Topsy, Sency, CrowdEye, nsyght, Scoopler, Surchur, TipTop, and Wowd are all working on their mobile versions if they have not already.
I’ll have to check them all now, or they are welcome to leave a comment.

Behind the scenes, Collecta brings in real-time results from more than 10 million content sources —including Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, the Associated Press, CNN, and Reuters. Gerry, is TheNextWeb one of your sources?

Here is the obligatory CEO quote:

“The web is alive. At any given moment, new content is published, news is broken, opinions are shared, and thoughts are posted,” said Collecta CEO Gerry Campbell. “Collecta Mobile delivers all the streaming real-time goodness of the site, but packed onto a mobile site that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.”

Collecta Mobile is available now for the iPhone, Droid, Palm and Nokia Maemo. Since I don’t have a beautiful smartphone, would some of you please try out Collecta Mobile and come back and leave a comment?

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