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This article was published on October 11, 2016

Read this if you take your startup seriously

Read this if you take your startup seriously
Dahlia Green
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Dahlia Green

Dahlia is TNW's Director of Community & Events, USA. Dahlia is TNW's Director of Community & Events, USA.

Why we’re only choosing 60 startups to showcase at SCALE – our startup program at TNW Momentum – when we could easily be making more money with more volume?

For our fourth annual conference in New York, now called TNW Momentum, we’ve made the tough decision to limit the number of startups that make it onto the business floor – a risky decision, as we could easily get the volume and revenue to help cover costs for the conference. But we’re changing, and hopefully improving, things for several reasons.

We’re sick of being pitched at. Yes startups are a good amount of our online content and a decent percentage of our conference content, but who likes going down a startup alley having eager founders grab you to pitch your brains out. No one. We think think startups should be able to talk with consumers and investors instead of having to yell at them.

Personal, meaningful exchanges at the TNW Europe startup floor in May 2016.

We are not out to make money off of startups and cringe to watch them blow it quickly on gimmicks and ROIless resources. We’re only going to accept 60 startups, match them with investors, bring press to them, and give them a voice, on stage in front of thousands of decision makers. Startups that we’d invest in ourselves and we know we can help with the resources we have. We pick founders we would want to spend our time with, as then we can ensure there’s good vibes and a real community with ethos.

Startupfests are yesterday’s news. What was once the way to build hype and excitement is quieting down because founders are smarter and are finally asking the right questions. Why should I demo? Who will be in the audience? What can you promise to me? Why should I give up my time and money for your event?

We’re not inviting startups that are just in it to make a quick buck; we want passion projects – dedicated people who eat, sleep, and breathe their company and won’t stop until they’ve realized their dream. We’re looking for innovators, not mere copycats, and want to offer these the exposure and connections they need to gain momentum and improve the world.

We fully support big startup events – they’re great for exposure and consumers. But at TNW Momentum, you’re there because you know the best decision makers, influencers and leaders will be eyeing you, your product, and want to invest in the best.

SCALE is for startups that have what it takes to pervade, have their mission figured out, and have a clear strategy for revenue.

Join us this November if you have what it takes to wow thousands of decision makers. We promise, it will be your most important day of work this year.

Limited spots left: Apply now for the final acceptance rounds.

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