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This article was published on November 2, 2016

Razer’s lame Twitter joke proves sexism in gaming knows no bounds

Razer’s lame Twitter joke proves sexism in gaming knows no bounds Image by: Orapin Joyphuen/Shutterstock
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Razer, one of the best gaming laptop manufacturers on the market, just stuck its ‘D’ in places it doesn’t belong.


I mean, ‘S my D’ — we get it… cute play on words for ‘suck my dick’ while throwing shade at Apple for not including the SD card slot. If you want bonus points for creativity, you’re not going to get them here.

Fading are the stereotypes that gamers are young boys or men that subsist wholly on Doritos and Mountain Dew while begging their mom to bring them a snack mid-Twitch stream. As gamers grow up, so does the legitimacy of the community, at least in theory. Yet we can’t really mature past the point of dick jokes and sexual assault threats when one of the industry’s leaders is on Twitter perpetrating the stereotypes.

Before you chalk this off to ‘hormones’ or ‘liberal sensitivity’ have you ever really seen what women go through while trying to relax and play their favorite games online? ‘Suck my dick’ might be the nicest thing they hear in a session.

If you think this is an isolated incident, you’re not paying attention.

A woman can’t so much as pop-in on a game with a female-sounding name without attracting hordes of assholes. Most deal with it, some fight back, and many more just log off and look for a different server. If driving while black is an invitation for police harassment, gaming while female is its equivalent.

But if you’re expecting compassion, understanding, and perhaps a life-lesson in how to treat human beings — you don’t know the gaming world. Take this dickhead:


He’s not alone, either:


Luckily, there were several gamers in the thread that understood poor taste. Since the tweet is still live, it’s obvious Razer isn’t one of them. Shame too, as they make some pretty damn impressive peripherals and laptops.

But, if we were to leave Razer with some parting words, aside from those above, we couldn’t have said it better than Dana Addams:

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