This article was published on October 16, 2020

RankTools SEO Tool can lead a Google Search path right to your business online

RankTools SEO Tool can lead a Google Search path right to your business online
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: With over 20 expert services in the RankTools SEO Tool package, you’ll know how to reach the top of the Google search rankings and build traffic to your content.

Over 94 percent of all internet searches happen on a Google property — and the volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10 percent each year. 3.5 billion searches happen every day — and if your business isn’t featured at the top of those searches, your odds of attracting the attention you so desperately need drops exponentially.

The key to topping Google searches is all about search engine optimization tactics, or SEO. A lot goes into understanding how to find and implement the terms that will help you succeed against the millions of other sites and pages chasing the same customers. But with the help of an all-encompassing suite of services like the RankTools SEO Tool ($29.99, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), users can carve out a path toward the top of the Google rankings.

Unlike tools that only focus on offering a small piece of the entire SEO picture, RankTools SEO pulls together more than 20 different tools into one collection, offering a well-rounded view for how to improve your search results, drive more traffic to your content, and analyze your results to make the most of this critical marketing avenue.

The RankTools online app can analyze your site and dig up the true dirt on how well you’re doing. From social media data to backlinking, from search engine indexing to Google page ranks, from IP analysis to malware checks, RankTools crunches all the numbers to help you determine what’s working, what isn’t and where you should be focusing your limited SEO marketing time and attention. Detailed SEO reports break it all down to offer a clear picture of your current successes and failures in reaching and engaging with your audience.

And the potential tools at your disposal with RankTools are expansive. Included in your RankTools toolbox are items like link analyzers, keyword position analyzers, auto keyword suggestions, page status checkers, backlink creator, website ping monitors, Google Ads scrapers and more.

You can also turn this level of minute attention to your closest competitors. By entering their URL, you can check out everything that they’re doing, where they’re finding success, and open up new insights that could help you beat your rivals at their own game.

A lifetime subscription to Rank Tools SEO would usually cost almost $600, but you can get in on this massive arsenal of serious SEO firepower for a fraction of that price, only $29.99

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