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This article was published on March 28, 2011

Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business [Infographic]

Quickstart Guide to Social Media for Business [Infographic]

Many businesses are just getting started in social media. It’s the natural course of action to take today seeing how huge its impact and reach has become. If you have a limited budget and have no idea where to begin, this Infographic from Getit Comms, a Singapore based PR firm, might be a good reference to get your brand exposed in the world of social media in 14 simple steps.

Just like traditional marketing, social media is not a one shot deal. The best marketers, be it on traditional and on social media, are those who set specific, achievable goals, take risks, engage and understand their customers, use reliable metrics and learn from their mistakes. The secret is to just keep trying until you will eventually get things right.

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