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Quench your thirst for tech with these refreshingly good newsletters

Quench your thirst for tech with these refreshingly good newsletters
Veselina Gerova
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Veselina Gerova

Veselina is content manager for Dutch personal newsletter tool Revue. She reads an average of 8.3 personal newsletters per day for inspirati Veselina is content manager for Dutch personal newsletter tool Revue. She reads an average of 8.3 personal newsletters per day for inspiration and knows how to make a mean Mojito.

Tech is exciting and awesome, but it’s also incredibly fast. You want to stay up to date on what is happening in the thrilling world of technology (that’s why you read TNW), but sometimes you just can’t get enough.

One of the easiest ways to keep up and learn about various news, thoughts, and insights is to sign up for newsletters written by impressive people and organizations, which are actively participating in the tech industry. So let’s go ahead and explore some unique tech newsletters that will keep you informed and will let you stay on top of your tech game.

Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans is a well-known person in the tech world. He’s part of the infamous venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (‘a16z’) and he’s also known for investing in technology companies. Given his strong involvement and significant experience in the tech world, his newsletter is strictly focused on the topic of technology.

Every Sunday he sends out an issue in which he includes stories and links he saw that interested him and explains why they matter. Structurally speaking, inside you will find news from the field, captivating blog posts, “a cool thing of the week” and some other related links. Benedict’s newsletter is so good that it became the inspiration for Martijn de Kuijper to start the newsletter tool Revue. Quite the impact!

The Hustle

The Hustle is a newsletter that’s all about the latest news in tech and business and it’s delivered daily. The beauty of The Hustle is that it speaks to its readers in a very friendly and humorous way, while actually informing them about what’s new and relevant and why that is. You can read more about how The Hustle came to be what it is today here.

Basically, every day the team at The Hustle writes about several important news items and why you should know about them in an extremely casual, chucklesome manner that is guaranteed to make you giggle at least once. At the end of each issue, you can also explore some recommendations about things you should buy, listen to, or check out — informing you about all the unique products that will grab your attention.

The Journal

Kevin Rose is also a well-known tech entrepreneur. He has previously started several companies and has also been a venture partner at GV for six years. As a thought leader and an experienced business person, Kevin shares some of his knowledge and things he found interesting in his monthly newsletter, The Journal.

Every issue has the same structure, yet is very different from one another. Kevin usually first gives a brief update of what he’s up to in the intro of the digest and then moves on to different topics that he deems important to share with the readers. There are articles related to tech and business, but you’ll often get his recommendations about lifestyle design or gadgets. Recently, he added a section at the end of his newsletter called “Science Spotlight”, which is a link list of his favorite science stories of the previous month.


This is a daily tech newsletter run by the creative peeps at Sitepoint. The digest itself is more concerned with web development and design. However, this is an important part of tech and who better to learn from than professionals who know what they’re talking about? In any case, inside you’ll find plenty of interesting topics regarding front and back end development as well as loads of updates about what’s happening in the tech industry.

What Versioning from other design newsletters is the fact that it is simply hilarious to read. Reading the newsletter is like sitting down with one of your best buddies who has put together a casual, yet cheeky roundup of what you should know about, specially tailored for you.


You’re probably a busy person and you don’t have time to waste. This is the philosophy that Charged is built around! Owen Williams is a journalist, developer and writer with a passion for tech. Owen makes it a priority to deliver a weekly roundup of tech news to his readers by cutting through all the noise and provides readers with the best possible content that actually matters.

His newsletter is very well structured and straightforward. There’s usually a main topic being discussed in every issue and some other main news items that are looked at more in depth. No clickbait, noise or rumors. With Charged it’s all about what’s really important in the tech world.

Enterprise Weekly

This digest is perfect for more serious tech enthusiasts. Enterprise Weekly is a newsletter by enterprise technology venture fund Work-Bench. Every issue is very extensive and detailed. With this newsletter you will be able to proudly say that you know what is happening in the tech world on a deeper level.

Enterprise Weekly first contains a section called ‘headlines of the week’ so you can get an idea of the highlights from the past several days. Then, there is a link list full of interesting sources regarding news from the tech world. After that, you will get updated about upcoming events, company of the week and even startup job of the week.

Lastly, there is a long list of exits and fundings of companies, just to give you an idea of what is happening in the area where venture capital and technology intersect. Insightful commentary by the curators is also present.

CB Insights

Looking for a more data-driven view into what’s next in emerging technology, startups, venture capital and M&A? If so, CB Insights might just be the right newsletter for you! It contains various news from the fields and explains in detail why these news are relevant. The digest is intended for people who want to stay ahead on technology trends, venture capital, startups and the industries of tomorrow.

Readers of the digest have said that it manages to open up their perspectives about certain topics due to the fact that CB Insights provides a detailed, yet concise overview of what is happening in these industries with expert commentary. It also has illustrations aplenty and the added dose of healthy humor inside makes the reading experience that much more pleasurable and addicting!

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