This article was published on July 7, 2020

Python is pushing the boundaries of what tech can do. These videos and ebooks explain it all

Python is pushing the boundaries of what tech can do. These videos and ebooks explain it all
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TLDR: The Complete Python eBook and Video Course Bundle explains Python’s key role in some of today’s biggest tech innovations along with projects to help bring the learning home.

From Google and YouTube to Reddit, Instagram and Spotify, Python is running everywhere the internet lives. While you may not realize it, this massively influential programming language is at the heart of many of the web’s biggest success stories.

Yet with Python’s continually emerging role at the heart of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s possible that Python’s most critical chapter is still to be written by savvy creative minds of the future.

Of course, that chapter can’t be written by those who don’t know the language, so here’s a prime opportunity to bone up on this staple of tech innovation with The Complete Python eBook and Video Course Bundle, on sale now for over 90 percent off, just $29.99 from TNW Deals.

Whether you learn best from visuals and lectures or through old-school study, this collection of five videos and five ebooks is a complete primer on all things Python, from its basic operations and usage to its cutting edge role in surging technologies.

The videos are each between two and four hours long, digging into how Python is used in some of the most exciting fields in science and tech today. First, High-Performance Computing with Python 3.x delves into the heart of programming ability, explaining how to use Python libraries like NumPy, SciPy, and Cython for constructing parallel architectures to speed up your computation power. With that expanded power, Learning Python for Data Science takes users through data analysis and visualization using Pandas library to better plot what large data sets actually show and how they can be used.

Next, Deep Learning with PyTorch examines how to build the artificial neural networks that facilitate machine learning, before Hands-On Machine Learning with Python and Scikit-Learn presents projects for students to tackle themselves to gather a better understand of how to make computers gather data, assess problems, determine solutions, then act, all of their own. Finally, Advanced Artificial Intelligence Projects with Python advances your hands-on Python problem solving skills, this time creating AI that pulls names, places and contextual details from text, recommends new music, or even plays arcade games with no human interaction.

But if videos aren’t how you best process information, the collection of five ebooks covers many concurrent topics, like machine learning tool Tensorflow or data analysis with Pandas. And all five ebooks feature more hands-on projects to further your Python knowledge and training.

The ebooks alone are a $150 value, but with this offer, you get the ebooks and all five videos for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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