This article was published on July 24, 2018

Put Microsoft Excel on your resume with help from this bundle, now an extra $10 off

Put Microsoft Excel on your resume with help from this bundle, now an extra $10 off
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

Why should anyone learn Microsoft Excel?

Unless you’re a banker, mathematician or scientist, it’s a fair question. But while it may seem like the stat-intensive spreadsheet minder is reserved for number-heavy jobs only, this mainstay of the Microsoft Office app suite is decidedly more than a high-tech abacus.

Sure, Excel organizes figures and totals with the best of them. But at its heart, Microsoft Excel is all about organization. And what operation doesn’t thrive on organization?

You can unlock all the harmony and discipline Excel has to offer with eLearnExcel’s Microsoft Excel Master Certification course bundle. The training collection is on sale right now — with an extra $10 price drop from TNW Deals — down to just $29, a saving of over 90 percent.

All those empty Excel cells can be intimidating, but as you work through these nine courses, you’ll not only understand how to use the Excel interface and populate a spreadsheet but all the expert tips as well. Before you know it, you’ll be formatting and editing forms as well as using formulas that organize and account for your data in bold new ways.

Your courses include:

  • Excel Foundations (a $124 value)
  • Excel Formulas and Functions (a $124 value)
  • Excel Analyzing Data Course (a $124 value)
  • Excel Charts Course (a $124 value)
  • Excel Pivot Tables and Dashboards Course (a $124 value)
  • Excel Protection and Design Course (a $124 value)
  • Excel Recording and Macros Course (a $124 value)
  • Excel Master Project and Certification (a $99 value)
  • 15 Time Saving Excel Tips (a $99 value)

While you’re adding to your skill set, many of these courses also count toward Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification, an internationally recognized measure of ongoing training that’ll keep your resume packed and desirable.

It’s over 28 hours of instructional training, a package worth almost $1,100, available now for only $29 with the limited time price drop before this offer expires.