This article was published on November 18, 2018

Public speaking doesn’t have to make you hyperventilate with this $29 masterclass

Public speaking doesn’t have to make you hyperventilate with this $29 masterclass
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The worst part of public speaking isn’t the flop sweat or the deer in the headlights look that passes over painfully unequipped presenters. No, the worst part is that for those who can’t deliver their message, its effectiveness is fundamentally crippled. Even if facts are rock solid and unassailable, a poor performance in front of a group torpedoes credibility in a heartbeat.

For those who’d rather face a dentist’s drill than speak to a crowd — or even if you just need some sound public speaking pointers — the Public Speaking Masterclass Bundle ($29, an 89 percent savings, from TNW Deals) might be the answer.

This package features five courses aimed at attacking the two trouble spots that most often plague a public speaker: organization and confidence.

The courses, each certified by the International Association of Online Training Standards (IAOTS), outline structural steps you can follow to build better presentations, including enhanced engagement, stronger arguments and a more polished veneer to dazzle listeners.

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But the true heart of great public speaking is confidence. Across more than 40 hours of training, this instruction shows even the most inexperienced speakers how to stamp down the fear, boost self-esteem and use active listening and body language techniques to start connecting with an audience in a whole new way.

This training may not turn you into Winston Churchill or JFK overnight, but with lifetime access, you’ll earn completion certification that can begin to make you both more comfortable and knowledge in front of a crowd, regardless of size.

This one-stop guide to crafting a better public you usually runs over $250, but with this limited time offer, this training is available now for just $29.

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