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This article was published on July 1, 2021

ProWritingAid sets AI loose to improve your writing like a trusted editor

ProWritingAid sets AI loose to improve your writing like a trusted editor
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TLDR: This ProWritingAid Bundle comes with the AI-powered ProWritingAid app plus access to courses, coaching, and other material from the ProWritingAid Academy, all for $199.99.

Writing is usually a pretty solitary business. Sure, the end result is hopefully spread far and wide, read and considered, and the catalyst for all kinds of talk and thoughtful examination. But the process of sitting down, opening a digital document or uncapping a pen, then letting the words flow out almost always happens alone in a quiet space with little to no safety net beyond the author’s own thoughts and feelings.

Writers are pretty critical folks, but even the best writers can’t always see their work objectively or spot errors as they come spilling out. Some programs like Microsoft Word can offer some help for correcting typos and modifying syntax, but that’s mostly surface correction. 

However, The Bestselling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle ($199.99, 89 percent off, from TNW Deals) is how you add a trusted editor to that lonely work, carefully checking and questioning prose so an author always feels like they’re producing their best possible stuff.

Unlike those other writing tools, ProWritingAid has an AI-driven brain under the hood. One part grammar checker, one part style editor, and one part writing mentor, ProWritingAid’s artificial intelligence is always working, not just checking for spelling errors and grammar disagreements, but for style and readability as well.

As you write, ProWritingAid will spring up and open a dialog box, offering real time feedback and suggestions. If you think the suggestion is a good one, just click the box and ProWritingAid will automatically make all the necessary changes on its own. 

In addition to literally thousands of built-in style prompts to improve your work as you go, ProWritingAid is also home to 20 different in-depth writing reports, spotting issues like  repetitiveness, vague wording, awkward sentence length, passive voice, over-complicated sentence constructions, and more. 

Along with ProWritingAid, this collection also features a lifetime of access to ProWritingAid Academy, with even more structured courses and feedback to help polish your writing, regardless of experience level. With a host of self-paced courses, live training workshops, and actual human support, writers can engage in monthly writing challenges and daily exercises with  fellow writers, honing your knowledge and making you a better writer.

The Bestselling ProWritingAid Lifetime Subscription Bundle is a nearly $1,900 package of writing assistance, but with the current offer, it’s available now for just $199.99.

Prices are subject to change.