This article was published on September 13, 2021

Protect your data online by getting Optery to purge all that information from across the web

Protect your data online by getting Optery to purge all that information from across the web
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TLDR: With Optery Data Broker Removal, you can scrub your information from dozens of online outfits harvesting and publicizing your private personal information.

Unless you’re Kylie Jenner or The Rock, Googling yourself pretty much never ends well. For most people, after their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles, there’s a steady stream of results featuring you from outlets like TruthFinder and InstantCheckmate and Spokeo.

As you check out those listings, the anger grows. Who is Intelius and why do they have my phone number online? And why do they need to publicize every address where I’ve lived since college, including my current one?

Because it makes them money, that’s why. Data brokers compile information on you and every other human from public records and other resources, then sell it to…well, basically anyone who wants to buy it.

While that usually means you end up on annoying email and snail mail marketing lists, that also means your details can fall into other hands, including cyberthieves, hackers, spammers, stalkers, and more. And if you’ve ever tried to get your information off one of those services, you know it’s incredibly difficult, if not downright impossible.

Optery Data Broker Removal ($49 for a 1-year Core Plan subscription; 59 percent off from TNW Deals) is a service that can get it done. Emboldened by your right to opt-out of data farming operations, Optery has the tools and personnel to chase these data miners and get your information expunged from their systems to protect you, your identity, and your sensitive data online.

They issue data removal requests to all the known data brokerage services multiple times per year, driving all reference of you off those sites. In fact, removals using Optery can actually start getting some action within 24 to 72 hours after launching a subscription.

With your customized Exposure Report, you’ll know exactly where your information is currently displayed, and the status of every request to have that data removed in real time. And while it should probably go without saying, Optery promises to never sell or inappropriately use your data either.

Right now, users can scrub themselves from the web with an Optery Data Broker Removal 1-year Core Plan subscription for $49, which covers information elimination from over 80 of the biggest data brokerages. Or upgrade to the Optery Ultimate Plan for $199 (a 33 percent savings), which expands your protection to over 150 different data collectors.

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