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This article was published on July 15, 2019

PRIME CHEAP: The Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speaker is only $89 (not $130!)

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PRIME CHEAP: The Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speaker is only $89 (not $130!)
SoundLink Color II
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Welcome to PRIME CHEAP, our series about things that are good, cheap, and part of Amazon’s Prime Day sales. Hey, we gotta eat too. 

Everyone loves a good Bluetooth speaker. I mean, how else are you meant to impress everyone around you with how incredible and interesting your music taste is? Talk to them? Doubtful.

If you’ve been looking for a new Bluetooth speaker to add to your arsenal, then may I suggest the Bose SoundLink Color II? Currently, this is on offer on Amazon’s Prime Day for the low, low price of $89.99 — a full $40 (or 31 percent) discount.

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Have a look at this sensual little sound box:

Imagine how exciting it’d be to be friends with THESE people.

The Bose SoundLink Color II has a range of nifty features. As you can see from the photo above, it’s small so will easily fit in a bag, or even a large pocket.

It’s also water-resistant and rugged, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. You can get up to eight hours of battery life from the Bose SoundLink Color II, plus it has a microphone so you can connect it to voice-activated assistants on your devices.

This specific deal is also on the best (and limited edition) color: Midnight Blue (the shade that you can see in both images).

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new Bluetooth speaker (and, of course, have an Amazon Prime account), the Bose SoundLink Color II is a great shout. It’s rare that the company’s Bluetooth speakers drop under $100, so make sure you pick it up for $89 while you still have the chance. Enjoy!

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