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This article was published on December 4, 2009

Presenting ‘Gboard’ To All The Gmail Addicts

Presenting ‘Gboard’ To All The Gmail Addicts
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Is an India based Blogger, gamer and a tech freak. @Vidyesh on Twitter Is an India based Blogger, gamer and a tech freak. @Vidyesh on Twitter

GMail  hardware - GBoardGMail always had been the most simplest and easy to use mail service. With keyboard shortcuts accessing this mail service became more easy for geeks. But remembering them is not a easy task, and pressing ‘SHIFT + /’ every time is neither convenient. So to make things easy and more feasible, enters the market GBoard, a custom mini-keyboard with 19 essential keyboard shortcuts for Google’s Mail service.

This GMail hardware has 19 colored keys which resembles our normal numpad, with keys specially designed to function on the pre-defined Gmail shortcuts by Google.

So instead of scroll n click, you just hit a button to perform different tasks.

The usage is very simple , Connect > Enable GMail keyboard shortcuts > Begin using the Gboard.
The Gboard is a USB powered keyboard and comes with just 19 pre-defined shortcuts. On the other hand Gmail having 50+ shortcuts for various tasks and Google Labs adding up some more every other Lab tool addition.

If you already have mastered the shortcuts this isn’t for you but for starters this is a good alternative.  For those who don’t want to spend anything and still want the shortcuts on your keyboard you can go for the Gmail Shortcut Stickers.

Buy Gboard here

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