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This article was published on July 31, 2021

Prep in a dozen valuable CompTIA training areas with these $45 courses

Prep in a dozen valuable CompTIA training areas with these $45 courses
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The All-Access CompTIA A+ & Network Certification Prep Bundle offers 12 courses and more than 160 hours of training to help land almost a dozen critical CompTIA certificates.

Every industry requires its experts to grow and learn new features and new approaches. In no industry is that more important than in tech, where advances come fast and furious, requiring those in positions of knowledge and authority to either keep up with the times…or get passed by.

As the world’s most respected authority in tech mastery certification, CompTIA knows a thing or two about what’s current and what today’s IT professionals actually have to know. With the training in The All-Access CompTIA A+ and Network Certification Prep Bundle ($45, over 90 percent off, from TNW Deals), learners can make sure their fundamentals are sound, up to speed and ready to tackle all of today’s most pressing IT issues.

CompTIA certification is among the most valuable validations of your training anywhere, and this collection of 12 courses with more than 160 hours of training can help users land nearly a dozen prime CompTIA certs, putting them in prime position to be hired or advance in the ultra-competitive, much-in-demand IT expert career choice.

As an absolute baseline of IT knowledge, the CompTIA A+ exam is the leading introduction to everything a primed IT pro needs to know. With these Core 1 and Core 2 prep courses, learners get comfortable with the basics of maintaining and growing a thriving computer network with training covering  mobile devices, networking technology, hardware, virtualization, cloud computing, and network troubleshooting, among many topics.

Backed with A+ training, then new students can start widening their expertise, launching into Network+ training to understand and lead major system networking projects; and Cloud+, exploring all the vital cloud technologies found on the CompTIA Cloud+ test.

Finally, knowledge of cybersecurity is at the forefront of any IT expert’s daily tasks these days, so this collection features eight courses digging deep into all areas of protecting vulnerable systems. With training prepping students to ace the CompTIA Security+ course, then further instruction to become a well paid Advanced Security Practitioner or an expert in penetration testing with PenTest+ status, this is premium training that can land learners on the top of elite hiring manager resume stacks.

All the training in The All-Access CompTIA A+ and Network Certification Prep Bundle would usually set you back $2,400, but as part of this current deal, it’s all available now for less than $4 per course at just $45.

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