This article was published on January 20, 2017

The @POTUS Twitter account now belongs to Trump; here’s how to keep track of the Obamas

The @POTUS Twitter account now belongs to Trump; here’s how to keep track of the Obamas

PSA: The @POTUS Twitter account is no longer managed by Barack Obama’s team. As of his inauguration today, the account belongs to the 45th President of the United States and noted Twitter aficionado – Donald J Trump.

Given how active Trump already was with his personal Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, it’s not clear how the president will divvy up his blurbs. However, even now that the inauguration has passed, there have been several tweets from his personal account – mostly recounting his inaugural speech – while @POTUS remains empty.

It’s also worth noting that Donald Trump’s personal Twitter has more followers than @POTUS does anyway. While the follower count was reset with the transfer of ownership (it’s currently reading 3.85M followers), even at its max, the account had about 13.7M followers compared to 20.6M currently for @realDonaldTrump.

It’s possible Trump will keep his musing and rants on his personal account, while discuss specific policies on the other one, but we’ll see how it plays out.

If you’re lamenting the loss of a choice Obama tweet or just want to look back on his eight years, his tweets are stored on a new @POTUS44 account. The same goes for Facebook and Medium, where you’ll find all his old posts at and

You get the gist. The same goes for Michelle Obama (@FLOTUS44), Joe Biden (@VP44), and Jill Biden (@DrBiden44). Meanwhile social media accounts ending in ‘WhiteHouse’ have been archived at ‘ObamaWhiteHouse. E.G. The ex-administration’s Instagram account is maintained at

Keep in mind that these are historical archives, and as such they will no longer be updated. The Obama White House archive notes:

This is historical material “frozen in time”. The website is no longer updated and links to external websites and some internal pages may not work.

There are a ton of other White House manages sites which are now being archived by the National Archives and Records Administration. For more on the transitioned pages and accounts, check out the full list at the source link below.

If you want to follow what Team Obama is up to after leaving the White House, you can follow them on Twitter at @BarackObama, @MichelleObama, @JoeBiden, and @DrBiden.  A full list of other social media accounts related to the old administration can also be found at the link below.

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