This article was published on January 5, 2012

Posterous says social media new years resolutions are all about privacy and control

Posterous says social media new years resolutions are all about privacy and control

Just a few days into the New Year, and it’s safe to assume that a few of us might be struggling with our New Year’s resolutions. In fact, some might have chosen not to make any resolutions at all.

If you’re still in the mood to make a few more, Posterous has just launched a campaign that might help you make social media resolutions, with the incentive to win yourself a Kindle Fire.

Conducting a study, Posterous surveyed 2,000 Americans to find out a little bit more about their social media New Year’s resolutions. Coming out at number one, and the choice of 44% of the respondents, was to create a place to share content privately with close friends and family.

42% of respondents said that they wanted to more careful about what is shared. 35% are going to clean up their Facebook friends list, removing people who aren’t close friends, while 36% are going to take control over who can see what they share.

Only the fifth and last new year’s resolution, the choice of 25% of respondents, had anything to do with cutting back on social media, saying that they would spend less time updating their social media accounts.

If you want to share your social media resolution, head over to Posterous’ You can post your tweet from the site, but be sure to accompany it with the hashtag #SocialMediaResolution. If you’d rather put a little bit more effort into your entry, you can submit it as a video clip by filling out a form.

Some of the resolutions we spotted include answering at least 20 emails before checking Google+, a resolution coming courtesy of Guy Kawasaki, while one of our favourite user-submitted resolutions, coming from Ryan Schwarz, was to stop using hashtags longer than the average sentence.

Check out Posterous’ video below to find out more about its social media New Year’s resolution campaign: