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This article was published on February 4, 2019

Meet the wholesome man making Pornhub’s sexiest genitalia-free videos (SFW)

Hot, steamy, and fully-clothed fun

Callum Booth
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Callum Booth

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Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional odd video.

Remember The Big Lebowski? Specifically the scene where the Dude is in the house of the pornographer, Jackie Greenhorn? The pair of them sit on a sofa in a plush lounge, Greenhorn leans forward, taps his head, and tells the Dude “the brain is the biggest erogenous zone.”

Is this classic scene the inspiration behind Ryan Creamer’s porn career? Why he has found success with videos such as “I Do The Dishes Without Being Asked,” “I Ride in a Taxi and Don’t Have Sex With the Driver,” and “I Give You My Jacket Because You Are Cold?”

Well, not really, I found out after speaking with him about how he got established in erotica. But, Creamer did tell me how he became Pornhub’s most wholesome model in the process.

We were alerted to Creamer’s videos after Twitter user @silicondomme rightfully described them as “the kinkiest thing on Pornhub.” And, when we spoke with the burgeoning porn star, there was one thing we had to find out immediately: is Ryan Creamer his real name? Really?

“Yeah,” Creamer told us, “it’s my full, proper name.” Sometimes, the stars just align.

Creamer is from Maryland, but has lived in New York for about eight years. He got his big break on the pornography scene in the most innocuous way possible: browsing Pornhub. While on the website, he saw a tab that said “Work With Us,” and discovered he could get verified as a model by uploading a picture of himself holding a piece of paper with his name written on it (“kinda like Reddit”). So, within a day, Creamer got verified as a Pornhub model.

“I’m not [even] verified on Twitter,” he told us.

After this, Creamer had a simple idea for his first video (“I Tuck You In After You Have Cum”), and has kept pumping out steaming hot content since.

While reception to his art has been generally positive, there have been some rocky moments. “I was raised very religious,” Creamer told us, which has led to a few differences of opinion.

Luckily, Creamer’s colleagues and friends have been more accepting – even if he’s now regularly referred to as “the Porn Guy.”

Pornhub has also recognized the sterling work Creamer has done in the field, with the company sending him a personalized jacket:

But what does the future hold for Creamer? Is more porn on the horizon?

“I’m definitely trying to grow it and continue to do it,” he told us, before going onto say we’ll get a new video every week or so. While he “never expected anything” from his X-rated career, he’s hoping to use this momentum to launch a show where he wholesomely interviews porn stars, speaking to them as individuals, not just as “people who fuck people.” I’d definitely watch that.

So even if The Big Lebowski wasn’t the creative catalyst behind the creation of Ryan Creamer’s porn persona, there’s a common message across both: the brain is indeed sexy. And maybe Ryan Creamer is just the porn star we need in 2019.

If you’d like to check out Creamer’s videos, you can find his Pornhub profile here. Obviously, that link is NSFW.

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