This article was published on November 17, 2011

PolitickerUSA is the best way to track politicians’ tweets

PolitickerUSA is the best way to track politicians’ tweets

Following politicians on Twitter can be as boring as watching paint dry on some days, but a new app pulls together tweets from both parties, and shows a whole host of trends about what they’re tweeting about.

PolitickerUSA is a simple app that displays tweets from every politician that uses the Twitter platform. At the very least, the service is the best social list of every U.S. Senator and Representative on the web.

You can watch tweets fly by in real-time, or you can filter them by your favorite politico.

One Nation, Under Tweets

PolitickerUSA is extremely well designed, and splits politicians on the homepage by their political party affiliation. The tweets flow in, and you can click them to drive you straight to Twitter.

Where PolitickerUSA gets really interesting is with the trends that it puts together into a cloud, based on mentions of words and phrases in the politicians’ tweets.

You can check trends by party, or by individual politician. These features make the site extremely useful, especially around voting time. If you’re not sure where a politician stands on important matters, getting a 50-100 tweet snapshot of what they’re talking about will give you a good idea.

You’re given a drop down of all of the politicians listed on the PolitickerUSA site, so you can literally spend hours going through all of the data. The clouds definitely help with displaying the important sentiments, thus skipping the boring process of actually reading the tweets.

One the homepage, you can do a filter search if you have a specific interest, and you’ll be shown the matching tweet from each side of the political fence. If you’re super into politics, or you’re trying to pay more attention, PolitickerUSA will be your best resource for up-to-the-minute political information.

With Tumblr helping us make phone calls to our Representatives about the “Stop Online Piracy Act”, this app can help us tweet to them about it too.


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