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This article was published on November 10, 2016

Periscope update brings three new ways to engage your audience

Periscope update brings three new ways to engage your audience
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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Bryan is a freelance journalist. Bryan is a freelance journalist.

Periscope today announced three entirely new ways to engage with your live audience — Superfans, groups, and logging in to

The first, Superfans, unearths your most engaged followers and provides each with a special flame icon. Each are then ranked from one to 10 based on prior engagement.

Credit: Periscope

For content creators, this provides an easy opportunity to increase engagement among your most passionate followers.

Groups, the second new feature, allows you to broadcast and share video with specific subsets of an audience. If you’re a tech reporter, for example, you can talk tech with one audience while talking trash with your fantasy football crew in another. Neither will know about the other group unless you invite them.

Each person in the group has the ability to add others, so it’s essentially a potential network of interest-based broadcasting without sharing non-relevant streams with those who wouldn’t be interested in them.

Credit: Periscope

Last, but certainly not least, the latest updates to make it easier than ever to find streams worth watching. Between search, the ability to browse selected feeds and highlighted channels, and see what everyone in the community is sharing live you’ll never be short on content.

Better still, Periscope today is rolling out a “more complete web experience” that allows you to do the same things you’d normally have to use your mobile device for — like send hearts, or comment on live video.

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