This article was published on February 26, 2010

Pentagon To Troops: Permission To Tweet Granted!

Pentagon To Troops: Permission To Tweet Granted!

twitter-armyThe Pentagon in a flash of brilliance has decided to allow its troops to use Twitter, to blog, and to participate in other social networks on the military’s un-secured internet connections.

The entire military community just let out a sigh of relief. Given the distances that soldiers often are from loved ones, access to tech-centric communication methods has become vital to the lives of the modern military family.

I rarely do this, but given how personally this affects me, I must. Thank you Pentagon for letting my brother keep his small blog when he leaves for Iraq in just a few weeks. It is much appreciated.

Of course, there are rules. The military can revoke access due to abuse of bandwidth hogging. Keep your head down and you should be alright.

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