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This article was published on June 11, 2019

    Pay what you want for this Oracle eBook Bundle

    Pay what you want for this Oracle eBook Bundle
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    TNW Deals

    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    Oracle is one of the biggest tech companies that you probably know the least about. Unlike Google, Microsoft or IBM, their name isn’t plastered across a host of consumer-facing products (with some major notable exceptions, of course). But make no mistake — when it comes to databases, cloud services and the software to manage it all, they don’t get any more impactful than Oracle.

    The Complete Oracle eBook Bundle is your chance to understand why Oracle is such a behemoth and get employed using their hardware and programs. Right now, you can get a one-stop reference library of using Oracle products and services for a great price — because it’s just the price that you want to pay.

    The entire package covers seven volumes, but if you just want a taste of the Oracle life, you can pay any amount at all and get two of these books. Those purchasers will get Oracle Database 12c Backup & Recovery Survival Guide, a comprehensive guide to recovery and backup solutions that every Oracle database admin should know; and the Oracle Data Integrator 11g Cookbook, which helps you move and merge data across various platforms and hardware systems.

    It’s great knowledge, no question. But if you’d rather not crawl into learning Oracle from A to Z, just beat the average paid by other shoppers to get the other five books in this collection.

    This training is your in to learn the Oracle systems that matter, get working in database or cloud systems management and make yourself invaluable in handling some of the most important tech arenas for mammoth companies.

    While each of these deep-dive course books retail for over $50, this discount deal will get you the entire collection for a price you get to choose.

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