This article was published on December 17, 2015

Pay what you want for lifelong VPN security

Pay what you want for lifelong VPN security
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

It’s a lifelong challenge to protect your data online, and with hackers evolving new techniques all the while it’s vital to stay up to date with the best security available via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

TNW Deals is now offering a Pay What You Want VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle featuring hundreds of dollars worth of online security and spam protection from ProXPN. A part of all proceeds go to the good work of Save the Children, so you can add the good feeling of helping the needy to your newfound sense of online security.

Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

AnonVPN: Lifetime subscription

AnonVPN is unique, with no need for a login and zero storage of users’ personal information on its servers. That means no credit card details, PayPal accounts, they go as far as suggesting you use a different email address to sign up.

It still includes all the benefits of the best VPNs in its class, including unlimited bandwidth, access to any site or streaming service from anywhere on globe, protection from hackers and identity thieves, and total anonymity while browsing.

(A separate year-long subscription is also included in this bundle)

Nonkly Disposal Email: Lifetime subscription

Spam email is one of the scourges of modern life. By providing an anonymous and disposable email service, Nonkly doesn’t just block spam – it directs it out of your life entirely.

Create an email address, do what you need with it, and then delete it. You can generate a new address for each online interaction, and after you’re done you’ll never see it or the spam it attracts again.

How Pay What You Want works: With ‘Pay What You Want’ bundles, you can get AnonVPN Lifetime and Nonkly for as little as you want to pay. And if you beat the remarkably low average price, you’ll get the complete VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle.

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