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This article was published on July 15, 2017

Parents, social media isn’t turning your kids into robots

Parents, social media isn’t turning your kids into robots

Most parents have concerns about their kid’s social media usage, but they shouldn’t worry about their brain cells frying. Under the hood kids are using social to better themselves.

Kids are running their own profitable slime businesses on Instagram, honing their dancing skills on, showcasing their artistic talents on YouTube, and so much more.

Social media is this generation’s social currency

Parents always complain about their kid’s way of socializing. When kids DM their friends, parents tell them to use the phone. When girls used the phone to talk their boyfriends for hours, parents moaned about the sentiment of a handwritten letter. When the pen and paper came around, parents probably complained about that too.

Social media is this generation’s main form of communication. According to a report on digital media:

“Spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age. Kids are learning basic social and technical skills to fully participate in modern society.”

Just because kids are primarily socializing through a screen doesn’t mean they’re turning into robots ー it’s the opposite. Here are a few facts:

Meet the next generation

Here are two phenomenal girls taking Instagram by storm.  

Addy – 8 years old

Addy is an eight-year-old powerlifter. Her Instagram, addybirdlifts, revolves around her workout routines. She can squat, deadlift, and press ー all while making entertaining videos.

And according to her parents no, lifting will not stunt Addy’s growth. “…when taught correct technique and under supervision of an experienced lifter that it is safe and beneficial for kids to lift. Teaching them good technique is the most important thing, so they don’t get hurt and see results from their hard work.”

Hannah – 16 years old

You don’t need to look hard for kids utilizing social for good either. Hannah, other wise known as hannahlaurenmua, is one of my best friends and she’s an inspiration to every girl she comes in contact with online and off.

When asked about why she uses Instagram, “I started my account in 2015, because I wanted to showcase my makeup looks, but I also wanted to leave a positive impact on other girls. If you like that girl’s winged liner, comment on the picture and tell her you like her winged liner! It’s not hard to be nice; we need to lift each other up.”

another picture from prom bc I miss it & I really like this pic 😌😌😌 pic by @_franksamuel ! #makeup #hannahlaurenmua

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Her aspiration is to be a makeup artist for a Broadway show, or for a fashion show during New York fashion week.

Social media is the future

Parents can choose to be optimistic or pessimistic when it comes to social media, but there’s no denying Generation Z kids are productive, social, creative, and living their best lives.