This article was published on December 19, 2020

Parallels Pro, Luminar 4, and more for $3.50 each? Here’s your last shot at a Mac owner’s dream bundle

Parallels Pro, Luminar 4, and more for $3.50 each? Here’s your last shot at a Mac owner’s dream bundle
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: This is your last chance to get all 12 apps in The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle ft. Parallels Pro and Luminar 4 before it disappears for good.

Say what you will about McDonald’s, but America’s biggest fast food chain definitely knows a thing or two about business. Just take an item like the popular McRib. The pork sandwich wasn’t a big seller when it rolled out in the 1980s. But after cycling it off the menu, then bringing it back for limited time runs to whip up anticipation, the McRib has become a perennial hit each year.

Unfortunately, that also means the day always comes when the McRib goes back into hibernation. Every year, The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle ($42, over 90 percent off) is one of those can’t-miss offers from TNW Deals, with promo code “MACAPP40” as Mac fans load up on a galaxy of awesome Mac apps at a bargain basement price.

The 2020 edition featuring Parallels Pro and Luminar 4 has been another raging success, but like that fading McRib, this is the last chance to pick up this collection of productivity-reshaping apps before it goes back into the vault for next year.

This bundle brings together 12 stellar apps, headlined by Parallels Pro, which might be one of the most stealthily powerful apps in a Mac owner’s arsenal. Parallels Pro essentially unlocks a Mac, allowing users to run thousands of apps created for Windows in the Apple ecosystem. If you’ve never considered how it could streamline your work to have Microsoft Office running within your Mac OS, Parallels Pro proves how game-changing it can be.

The other giant get in this collection is Luminar 4, an award-winning full service photo editing suite with its own built in artificial intelligence that can actually handle some of your editing duties for you. 

While Parallels and Luminar are the marquee players, that doesn’t mean the other 10 members of this app supergroup aren’t superstars in their own right. PDFpenPro 12 deftly handles all manner of PDF work, while BusyCal 3 streamlines events and calendar notices, which Screen Recorder 2021 is a slam dunk capture tool.

 eDraw MindMaster can put the thoughts and ideas in your head into a physical, usable form, and Art Text 4 can knock down all those pesky graphic design projects. As for system efficiency, you can also unleash the trio of ForkLift 3, Gemini 2, and Dropzone 4 Pro, to bring order to your files, root out duplicates, and boost your overall work productivity.

A VPN is all but standard issue these days, so the bundle includes a lifetime of Goose VPN security protections, plus there’s a lifetime subscription to UTalk with the lessons for learning any of 140 different languages.

Retail price for all of these system-shaking apps would normally total almost $1,300, but when you enter the promo code MACAPP40 during checkout, you can take another 40 percent off the already discounted price of this collection, down to just $42, or just $3.50 per app.

Prices are subject to change.

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