This article was published on January 4, 2019

Overcome your fear of public speaking and presenting with this complete $19 course

Overcome your fear of public speaking and presenting with this complete $19 course
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

The vulnerability. The exposure. The fear.  For many, there’s no more anxiety-inducing, debilitating situation than knowing you’re going to have to deliver a speech or presentation in front of a large group.

If that’s one of your phobias, the bad news is that that scenario is going to happen one of these days. It’s the luck — or in this case, bad luck — of the draw. However, there are tactics for not only combating the fear, but actually turning that paralysis into fuel to drive a top-notch performance. Those steps for commanding the podium like a pro are available in the Heroic Public Speaking course, on sale now for over 60 percent off from TNW Deals.

Heroic Public Speaking was founded by husband and wife team Michael and Amy Port. Michael’s written New York Times best sellers on sales and marketing, while Amy’s spent years as an actress and teacher focused on performance training. Together, they’ve crafted a system for engaging, persuading and inspiring an audience of any size.

The methods conveyed over these 10-plus hours of training will help you think of your presentation as a performance, hitting just the right notes throughout to keep viewers interested, wrap them in a compelling story and emphasize your key points to elicit the response you want without all the performance anxiety jitters.

From storytelling techniques to non-verbal communication right down to your breathing, the tips found in this course can erase the fear and get you centered on the important work of connecting and motivating your audience.

The course is a $49 value, but with this current offer, you can knock $30 off that price and get all the Heroic Public Speaking training for only $19.

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