This article was published on April 19, 2020

Our future is in the cloud — and this AWS Cloud Bootcamp can get you ready for it.

Our future is in the cloud — and this AWS Cloud Bootcamp can get you ready for it.
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TLDR:  From first-timers to experienced users, The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp explains everything anybody needs to be a true AWS cloud expert.

Sometimes, it really does pay to be first. Back in 2006, Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos ventured into cloud computing with the foundation of Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was a solid 7 years before most of Amazon’s main competitors started up their own cloud services arms, but by then, AWS already had a commanding foothold in the exploding market.

Now, AWS is the unquestioned industry leader, holding a dominant third of the entire cloud market, which is set to exceed $330 billion this year.

The opportunities are there for those looking to make a name for themself and start a career as a proven AWS expert with the training in The All-Level AWS Cloud Professional Bootcamp. Right now, it’s available for only $34.99, an over 90 percent savings from TNW Deals.

This complete look at the AWS environment includes six courses and more than 30 hours of training that will not only help new users understand the AWS platform, but know enough to build, migrate, secure, administer and grow any company’s entire digital system with AWS’ well-stocked toolbox.

All the ground level training starts with AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide for Beginners, as first time users start getting familiar with AWS and all the services they offer. 

Of course, even a detailed introduction is just the beginning, so courses like AWS Master Class: Databases in the Cloud with AWS RDS, focus on how to create and maintain your own cloud databases; while AWS MasterClass: Networking & Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), as students go deeper on specific steps for building, configuring and managing your our own Virtual Private Cloud. Meanwhile, AWS Deployment for Node.js Applications explains how AWS-served apps interact with online data stockpiles

Flush with all that new knowledge, users can also take the all-important AWS Cloud Essentials and AWS Solutions Architect Associate courses, which get students ready for both the entry-level Essentials and more advanced Architect certification exams.

Each course in this bundle is a $200 value, but with this collection, the entire package is on sale for just $34.99, less than $6 per course.

Prices are subject to change.