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This article was published on February 16, 2009

Open Questions to Google ??

Open Questions to Google ??
Srikanth AD
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Srikanth AD

Srikanth is a Web Developer and SEO consultant. Check out his portfolio or contact him by email at [email protected] for more information Srikanth is a Web Developer and SEO consultant. Check out his portfolio or contact him by email at [email protected] for more information.

We found some very interesting and potential questions by users related to Google products and services yet unanswered by Google.

These are some of the leading questions at Google Moderator


  • How many people have a Google account? Be it for Gmail, Adwords, anything.
  • What makes you keep the majority of your applications in BETA?
  • How often is the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button used in percentage of all search-requests?
  • Will there ever be a Google-OS?
  • Can we have ‘Google People Search’ based on the people registered with Google and their profile complied from various Google applications like Gmail, Blogger, Adwords, Adsense etc
  • Why is it so difficult to contact Google and get feedback. You have the best search engine but you are worried about too much feedback. Your biggest opportunity is using ideas from your users to make new systems but you don’t allow it to get through.

Go Green!

  • Do you promote the energy save by turning off employees computer/lights/etc at night?
  • What is Google doing to make its data centers greener and more energy-efficient?

Google Apps

  • When will Google Reader be integrated into Google Apps the way email and docs are integrated?
  • Can we get Google Notebook  added to apps?

Google Chrome

  • When will Chrome have support for Plugins and Addons?


  • Is there a plan to add Google Analytics to Picasa web? (I would like to know how many people checks out my pictures)
  • Is there any way to export Orkut photos album to Picasa album?


  • Why can’t I attach an image straight from the internet in Gmail without downloading it first?
  • When can we have the option to attach a series of attachment in a single step?
  • Why can’t I schedule emails for delivery in Gmail ?
  • In Gmail, is there a way to look at only my unread messages?
  • Why can’t I search for attached files in my Gmail account and get a list of, say, all pdf-files with the word “moderator” in it or all pictures named “joakim” ?
  • Ability to download a backup of all mail, documents and calendars as a single zip file?
  • When can I delete attachments without deleting the original message?

Is there any chance anyone at Google will answer these questions?

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