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This article was published on September 4, 2019

    Offliner lets you enjoy your favorite content off the grid, and it’s only $30 today

    Offliner lets you enjoy your favorite content off the grid, and it’s only $30 today
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    TNW Deals

    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    TLDR: Offliner Pro downloads all your audio, video and other online files for offline viewing — and right now, it’s almost 80% off.

    Dodgy Wi-Fi and cell phone service is annoying enough. Of course, it’s even more frustrating when you’re right in the middle of streaming a great movie or TV show and your connection fails. Or there’s that ultimate feeling of dread when you’re handling important work assignments and you unexpectedly drop out of your cloud workspace. Did your work get saved? When will you get back in?

    The web is great, but since it can’t always be trusted to be there exactly when you need it, being able to just download and save online content so you can consume it anytime is a huge plus. Right now, Offliner Pro can give you that benefit — and a lifetime subscription is available right now at almost 80 percent off its regular price, just $29.99 from TNW Deals.

    Offliner means you’ll never be at the mercy of Wi-Fi signals or cell service again. The app gives you unlimited downloads to save anything you find online right to your device, so you can watch it anywhere, even when you have no connection. Or just save everything now so you don’t tax your precious data plan limits by streaming video over 3G, 4G or LTE networks.

    With Offliner’s simple user interface, webpages can be saved for offline viewing or you can download a bunch of videos to watch when you’re on a plane or train ride. All your content is managed in the app and you can even play back audio and video files in background mode.

    Offliner downloads from than 100 popular audio and video sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo and more. With Offliner, you can also save your files to external storage or an SD card so it’s always accessible on other devices as well. 

    A lifetime of Offliner access would normally cost $145, but with this limited-time TNW Deals offer, you can get unlimited service for life for only $29.99. Or get a one-year subscription for only $9.99.

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    Prices are subject to change.