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This article was published on April 11, 2012

Now here’s one really Smart use of Twitter

Now here’s one really Smart use of Twitter

Do us a favour. Go to Smart Car’s official Twitter account for Argentina. Looking at their first few tweets, you’d think that a kid got in there and had at it with the keyboard. In reality, their social media team has come up with a genius little bit of marketing that required nothing more than a bit of creativity, some ASCII art and a lot of patience.

After you’ve loaded the page, hold down the ‘J’ button on your keyboard and see what happens. Scrolling down the page, you’ll see a bit of digital art come to life, much in the same vein of those little flip books we used to play with as kids.

Smart Car takes you on a little Twitter-powered ride, through a town complete with houses, a church, trees, and you’ll even hit some traffic, in what the company describes as the ‘first Twitter commercial’.

Things like this are a reminder of just how flexible Twitter is as a tool, and there’s really no end to how innovative you can get with keeping your followers entertained.

You can also see the entire ride in action in the video below:

➤ Hat-tip Ryan Sarver